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this may not make a lot of sense but its the only way i know how to explain it

Step 1: move TS3 folder to desktop

Step 2: make game make a fresh TS3 folder (Start game)

Step 3: put your old DCC Cache Files in your new DCC Cache Folder

Step 4: remove all but DC0 ( put them back in your old…


She had started to mark time, counting it a day each time she woke, there was no other way to keep track of it except like that, carving shallow notches on her spear, each time she woke up. It was the only way to give this place some sense of reality, to keep herself from slipping into insanity. 

She was stooped over, picking the bright red berries, stuffing them into her mouth, when she heard the pounding of hoof beats on the earth, making it tremble beneath her feet. Her first instinct had been to run towards the sound, to beg for help, for them to return her to civilization. Only a stronger instinct, bred into her from the beginning of time prevailed, caused her to wriggle onto her belly beneath the thorny bushes, hiding from the sound.

She saw the woman run past first, followed by a man, both dressed familiarly, in bright orange scrub type outfits, numbers on their chest, a look of wild panic in their eyes, as the men on horseback over took them, throwing them to the ground.  She watched with eyes wide as their clothing was stripped away, the men’s voices drifting over to her, talk about the slave market and bringing a fair price catching her ears as they bound them and drug them away. From her hiding place she also watched as the horses past, the two walking behind them, tied with ropes lashed to the saddle horn.

She knew then that she couldn’t trust the people of this place, where ever she was, wasn’t home, wasn’t even close to home.  She didn’t breath again until the sound of their hooves had long faded away, she knew now she would have to be more cautious, but this had to mean she was close to civilization as well.  She just wondered how civilized and what country she was in now.  She didn’t move for hours later, drifting into a fitful sleep where people were yanked from their beds and tossed into dark holes,  waking up feeling as if she was falling, her arms yanking out around her, her entire body jumping, meeting with more thorns that caused her to stifle a cry of pain as she slide her body out.

Picking up her spear, her meal of berries completely forgotten, she headed down to the river. There she waded in, letting the water wash away the caked mud, as she greedily gulped the icy cold liquid before beginning the task of applying a fresh coating of thick mud to her body and hair, stepping onto the banks, knowing today she would be damp for the majority of the day, with no sun to dry her, she would suffer for her impromptu bathing, but it was suffering worth it, even for only one minute of feeling almost clean again. 

Her spear in hand, she set off again, staying on the river’s shore as long as it would allow, she was determined she would figure out how to survive in this strange new country, and once she figured that out, she would figure out how to get back to her home, back to the states where her mother waited, where her life waited, where she would never again sleep on the ground, or hear the words slave or slave market, where her belly would never be empty again.

 She just had to keep going, and keep alert. She bit on her lip, brushing away fresh tears that streaked down her cheek and through the mud. No tears, no fear, she wasn’t just any rabbit, she was a rabbit holding a gun..well at least a spear of stone and wood. She wouldn’t go down without a fight.  She wouldn’t shame her mother or her father that way.


She walked for what seemed like days, must have been days, she walked until she couldn’t take another step, until she found a cave, or some thick brush she could curl up beneath and sleep, it wasn’t the peaceful sleep of before this was the drained sleep of a body sapped of all its energy, too exhausted to do anything else. When she woke, she rose, and began her journey once more. More than once she had wondered if she went in circles, or if there was any place in the states that had this much darkness, and this many trees.

More than once she wondered if it was all some long horrible nightmare she would wake from, finding herself safe and warm in her bed once more, her mother’s voice singing as she prepared their breakfast of fresh fruits and warm oatmeal. Only she never did. She wasn’t sure when she had last eaten a real meal, and memories of her mother’s veggie lasagna, tormented her, she had grazed on a few berries she had found here and there in her travel, the first time, waiting to die, wondering if they were poisonous or not. When nothing happened, she stuck to them, only eating the bright red tiny tart berries she knew now were safe. They did little to sate the hunger that gnawed away at her.

She stretched uncurling her body, wincing as sharp thorns scraped against bare pale legs, leaving trails of red running down them, drawing her legs quickly back to her chest, as she rolled out more carefully now from under the bush. Picking up a crude rock and wood spear like instrument she took a deep breath, holding it for a moment to listen to the sounds around her. She had made the weapon her second waking in the forest. The day the howls had sent her scampering high up in a tree, watching below as wolves sniffed the base.

She had known then that there were dangers in the woods, things that would all to willingly make her their meal. She found the rock that made the spearhead by the river, it wasn’t sharp enough, but she had spent hours of her walking time, sitting there banging and rubbing it with another rock until she felt it would at least be enough deter anything that might come at her. She fastened it to a sturdy shaft of wood, using vines she pulled down from their choke hold on the trees around her in place of leather bindings. It was crude at best, but better then nothing. Then when she was done, she had scooped large handfuls of mud from the river’s bed, smearing her clothes and hair with it, dulling the brilliant red and creamy muslin that made her an easy target to spot, slathering it over her pale smooth skin.

Each morning now the covering of mud had become part of her routine. She kept herself close to the river, certain that eventually it would lead her back to the sparkling lights of civilization. The lights never showed up though, her feet, were cut and bruised, her once delicate muslin nightgown, now tattered and torn, and caked under mud, her cheeks sunk in, making her eyes appear even larger in her petite pale face. She didn’t stop, she wouldn’t give up, somehow she would make it out of these woods, and she would make it out alive. She didn’t understand who would do this to her, or why, but she remembered what her mother said, remembered what her mother had drilled into her head over and over again.

“Don’t just run and hide Cati, that’s not good enough, that’s no life, you have to live, and sometimes that means fighting, fight to live.”

She remembered those words every time she stumbled over a root and fell to her bruised and skinned knees, remembered them every time she lay down on the dirt to find sleep, and every time she stood up to begin her journey again.

She remembered them and kept moving forward, following the river, wondering if home waited just around the next bend.


77 Accessories -Cover the eye cap(Askew)

77 Accessories -Cover the eye cap

77 Accessories -Cover the eye ribbon


thanks my dear pipifonnesims3 help me shoot CAS thumbnails

More thank all testers !! love you>3<


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[ 遮眼帽歪斜版 ]

77 Accessories -Cover the eye cap(Askew) -Download

[ 遮眼帽 ]

77 Accessories -Cover the eye cap -Download

[ 遮眼帽髮帶版 ]

77 Accessories -Cover the eye ribbon -Download



Saint Laurent Bracelet: DOWNLOAD
for male &amp; female




Saint Laurent Bracelet: DOWNLOAD

for male & female




It’s my new gift for my followers and gift for happy birthday my friend skiporns!
Happy birthday my love author.
For male and female.
Formats:packages and sims3pack.
Downloads: mediafare 
Enjoy game!
when you using my cc, if you want, tag #frenkiemonster or mention @frenkiemonster me! I’ll reblog your lovely photo ;)
Original mesh: 



kajira mira:
it had been a long day at work and her feet were killing her those new heels caused blisters on the arches of her tiny feet ~ what was I thinking~ she thought to herself as she kicked the shoes off at the door of her apartment the bag of Chinese food firmly in her grasp as she walked…



"Sleep well Squeaks, I love you."

She wrinkled her nose at her mother’s use of the childhood nickname, a name apparently her father had given her when she was first born. Proclaiming her no bigger than a mouse with a sound that rivaled them. She didn’t remember him, her father, all she had seen were photos of him, a man massive in size, his arms swallowing her up, towering over her mother who rose just a little past his waist line. 

Then again, she towered over her mother at the staggering height of 4 foot 10 inches tall. Only over her mother though, she was quite accustomed to having to look up to speak to people and stare them in the eye. Something she didn’t hesitate to do, her mother had taught her to fear no one, after having lived a life of being the prey, she had been determined her daughter would never feel that helplessness.

Cati snuggled under the warm ivory and pale blue quilt, pulling it up around her shoulders, her turquoise eyes softly fluttering closed. Her face relaxing, and full red lips parting in a peaceful sleep of one who had never wanted for anything. She soared through air in her dreams, dipping and dancing over the currents, before plunging down into the depths of the oceans, dolphins and sea life surrounding her as she sliced her way through its salty cool water. It was the dreams of someone who had never known true pain or suffering, a dream as innocent as she was. 

Her eyes slowly opened, her tiny hand reaching up to brush thick red locks away from where they clung to her cheeks, her brow furrowing as she felt bits of leaves and dirt on her skin. Blinking she slowly sat up, slowly came aware that she was no longer in her bed, nor was she flying or swimming through her dreams.

The damp smell of earth clung to her small flaring nostrils as she bit against her lip, blinking, her eyes straining to adjust to the darkness that swallowed her. It wasn’t right, it shouldn’t be so dark, there should at least be the glow of the street lamp bathing her room through the slatted blinds, the flickering of numbers on her bedside table letting her know if it was time to rise or not. None of those things were here now. Her hands reached down, pressing on the ground around her as the tall shape of trees slowly appeared, the black giving way to shades of grey as her eyes grew use to absence of light. 

Despite what it was seeing, her mind refused to accept the reality of it, there was no way it was possible. She had fallen asleep in her bed, had told her mom goodnight, had closed her eyes, her head resting on a soft pillow, people didn’t just fall asleep in one place and wake up somewhere totally different. It didn’t happen, period, except it just had. 

She moved slowly up from the ground, feeling slightly dizzy, and extremely disoriented, reaching up briefly and dislodging pine needles from her hair. The scent of pine and dry leaves drifted around her, fragrant and full of life, as a light breeze ruffled through the trees overhead. She slowly lifted herself from the ground, smoothing her thin nightgown, brushing more debris from its skirt as she tentatively took one step, then another making her way slowly through the dark forest. 

Her eyes anxiously scanned everything, as she moved almost silently, her small feet use to being bare, traveling deftly over the soft needles that covered the floor, her nightgown catching on brambles as she passed, more than once leaving small pieces of the creamy fabric clinging in their thorny grasp as she yanked her slender free from their grip. More than once she sought shelter behind trees as she heard rustlings in the underbrush, unable to make out the animals that scurried by. 

Hour by hour she walked, wondering why the sun refused to rise, until her legs refused to move anymore, and finally sinking to the ground, leaning against the rough bark of a pine tree, she gave in the fear and exhaustion that she had tried to push away, soft, choking sobs escaping her lips, as tears streaked down her face, letting sleep take her away, believing that somehow where ever she was, she would be found soon and returned to the cozy cottage she shared with her mother.


Hey, guys!I got the idea to create a collection. There will be ten parts. In each of five items or more. I really want to finish it! I hope for your likes and rebloges.On looking for is completed only one part. I am ready to present it to you! ♥TOP♥SKIRT♥TOP♥GLASSES D O W N L O A DEnjoy the game. (´ω`♡)


Hey, guys!
I got the idea to create a collection. There will be ten parts. In each of five items or more. I really want to finish it! I hope for your likes and rebloges.
On looking for is completed only one part.
I am ready to present it to you! 

 D O W N L O A D

Enjoy the game. 


In My Baby Seat

a set of 6 carseat poses for your newborn. poselist enabled. code numbers correspond with the preview numbers

  • p_babyseat1
  • p_babyseat2
  • p_babyseat3
  • p_babyseat4
  • p_babyseat5
  • p_babyseat6

created using aroundthesims car seat baby carrier. the link can be found in the download.

you may be able to use them without the carrier, such as propped up against a cushion or whatnot but I have not tested that.

for the baby to fit in the carrier, the 0.75 OMSP resizer needs to be used. the link can be found in the download.

   TOU: just enjoy them but please don’t reupload or claim they’re yours

  • C R E D I T
  • around the sims for the baby carrier
  • buhudain for the omsp rezier
  • credit where due for the clothes/hair/skin/eyes/accessories/patterns



And  I grew up…photos of me outside our home. 


Photos of my mom and dad, and me as a baby. I don’t remember my dad, mom said he died saving our lives, that he was an amazing man. She never married anyone else, never fell in love or even dated again. She said there wasn’t another man that could begin to compare with him. Guess I’ll have to take her word for it. She makes him seem like some kind of God or something though, always gets this far away look when she talks about him, which isn’t very often. The thing that confuses me the most about it all is she says he was the biggest ass and greatest man. How can a man be both an ass and great? How does a girl fall in love with a man like that?


After my long hiatus, I shall cement my return with some poses for my fantastic followers!

Savannah and I were talking and she mentioned how we needed more couple poses for photoshoots where the two were not kissing. So I set to work on some cute poses for all your photography needs!

Ok, maybe not all…

I only ask that you do not claim as your own, and if you use them, tag me! I do love seeing my creations being used. :3


Pose list compatible.

< D O W N L O A D >



Here’s a little something for the toddler month :D it’s a conversion of Rayne’s Hope boots. I was planning to release a little edit of these for adults too, but for now I’m gonna start with this one only :D it works for both males and females and will appear in everyday, formal and outerwear categories. One recolourable channel, just like the original boots. Credit to Square Enix (for the original mesh) and Rayne (for bringing it into The Sims), I just did the age conversion ^_^