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hope you guys like it >3<


I tottally forgot about those claws… so thanks to sweet nonnypie in my asbox u can have them tonight ^^
Shiny Claws: DOWNLOAD
Claws are fully recolorable^^


I tottally forgot about those claws… so thanks to sweet nonnypie in my asbox u can have them tonight ^^

Shiny Claws: DOWNLOAD

Claws are fully recolorable^^





simsimi  m 77 Crooked collar T-shirt edit

Mesh edit + Retexture by simsimi 

original mesh by  the77sim3

Starbucks Coffee Shop by The77sim3

Adult Male  download or download

Model : Ryan + Ian + Kurt + Parker + Ringo

++ Do not re-upload my creations!! ++

++ If you want to re-edit and share to everyone,

     please ask permission!!!

LOVE so much!!!!!

헐 맙소사 시미님컴쀅.. 나도 77님 하우스 제대로안써봤는데 플레이조금하다가 ㅠㅠ 스샷 너무이쁘게 잘찍으셨쟈나.. 아 나도 저기가보고싶닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스샷완전깔끔하고 좋아요ㅋㅋ오랜만에 보니까 더좋아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Awesome ❤️❤️❤️


I made a thing! Well, multiple things. ^_^ So, I really love Rachel Antonoff. Her clothing is lovely and whimsical, and a little weird. I can’t own it all in real life so I made 13 of her designs for Sims 4. They are all non defaults (with swatches) and you can download the individual pieces, or the combined folder if you want all 13. This is also a thank you gift for 150 followers! That’s a little crazy and really awesome :-)

Tucked Felt Heart White T-shirt / Chambray Stripe Shorts / Untucked I’m With Her Gray T-shirt / Green Pattern Short Shorts / Tucked Green Pattern T-shirt / Forever Crush Sweater / Untucked Felt Heart V-neck / Yellow Circle Skirt / Plaid Jumpsuit with Gold Safety Pins / Green Pattern Maxi Dress / MASH sweatshirt / Colorblock Mini Skirt / Untucked I’m With Her Teal T-shirt

Full Collection

Thank you again! <3



Yeaahhhh. Damn. I have… So much I want to make for this game. @_@ All credit to Brntwaffles, (and Esmerelda and Pinstruck!) really, I used a little bit of wundersims sclera but I think it got painted over. B( And yes, of course these work in the full game.

These are defaults, by the way, only have one default eye set in your game at a time. Install in C:\Users\****\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.


These are the only eyes I would ever use as defaults.


~Please click the pictures for better previews~ it’s important that you read everything bellow, advice and links are down there ;p

Hello guys =D!! I have a new newborn pose pack for everyone =D! 59 poses dedicated to your little sims and their parents/relatives, I hope you like them ;)

Before downloading be aware:

On the zips they are pictures with codes BUT these pictures are NOT updated to the fixed glitches so don’t worry about those they are fixed, but if you do see any mistakes please contact me immediately because this was a big pose pack so errors are possibly going to appear =/ BUT I did my best so it didn’t XD

The poses for adults you see in cars, beds or couches do not need omsp BUT the objects and toddlers need.

For objects download the normal Omsp.

For toddlers I use 75% omsp and if you don’t or use a omsp lower than this one the poses will glitch because they were made to this number and not for others but that’s your choice =3 this is just an advice. 

The poses carrying the car seat, babies sleeping poses aren’t mine get them from plumbobpies.

Car seat by yosimsima

!! I did not put any of these things on the zips besides my poses and their codes, because they don’t belong to me and I don’t want to steal others creators work so please don’t forget to download this awesome creations ;)!!


  1. The Driver
  2. Adult male carrying the car seat used in couple pose way
  3. And Adult male kissing toddler while Adult female is holding it

ARE FOR SIMS WITH HEIGHT SLIDERS, but used with omsp (linked above) or pose player add-on and it will be fine their shouldn’t be any problems =3 and besides these using the holding car seats ones not in a couple way makes them look completely normal so no problema ;)

I think that is all now the download XD!

Box | Media | Mega

Contact me if you see any problems but please check all of these before because it can be just a misunderstanding ;)

And thats really all XD Kisses and cookies (::)




Scroll down to that dude’s comment and you’ll get the link!


'Two Random Baby Poses' 

- Two unisex poses

- No special OMSP required [though these poses are raised to be on the bed or couch ect]

- Non poselist compatible :( [working on it..]

I originally made these for myself but these are too cute to hog! I would like to share them with everyone.


  • 1 ZIP folder
  • 2 poses




Price: §15

Buy Now - Status: In-Stock



All creds goes to lucian-silwermoon for these cute baby poses….
Download- PVT


All creds goes to lucian-silwermoon for these cute baby poses….

Download- PVT


Hi, here’s Giuls  second single pose pack!!

Do not claim as your own or re-uplad, please.
I’m very excited about it and I hope you enojoy!



Funny Kitchen - Time To Bake by SIMcredible!


Funny Kitchen series - Time To Salad by SIMcredible!


Funny Kitchen series - Time To Plug! by SIMcredible!



~700 Followers Gift Part 1 - Sleepy Child~

Download Here

Alright, as I said I was going to this is the first of a few uploads of poses I’ve made over the past few months for my legacy! This was the one that took the longest to make, as I had to edit the accessory to suit what I needed it for, so these are going up first!

These are non-poselist compatible! As usual, sorry! I know some people find it easier to use the poselist, and I would offer it, but in my game the poselist doesn’t work and I will not release something I cannot test works. You’re free to make them compatible yourselves if possible.

Included in the .zip:

  • A .txt file of all the codes
  • 7 .png files of the poses and their corresponding codes (all pictures which are above)
  • 1 .package file including all the poses (non-poselist compatible)
  • 3  .package Accessories, custom for each pose with a basic custom thumbnail - an edited accessory by severinka (?) I think. All that’s changed is the position in relation to the hand. They are numbered.

Pose Codes:

  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_1
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_2
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_3
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_4
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_5

Model : Marley Fletcher, mine

Crazymary36jonyhi Twin gifts part 1



When i found out angle had two twin girls i decide to make her little so here i present yall some cute onises part 1

all rights go out to i just put wording on them its his mesh

Plz reblog and enjot!


Congrats Angel 


Toddler Tantrum Pose Pack, 6 poses.

Took me forever to get past the wonky pinkies. Their hands aren’t as natural looking as I want, but for some reason their pinkies were messed up in game and not in blender. This was the best I could do to fix that.

They should be pose list enabled.


I don’t know if anyone will use them, but here they are!

If there are any issues, let me know.


Why Am I Here?

a set of 15 carseat poses for your newborns. posepack enabled. code numbers correspond with preview numbers.

  • p_whyamihere1
  • p_whyamihere2
  • p_whyamihere3
  • p_whyamihere4
  • p_whyamihere5
  • p_whyamihere6
  • p_whyamihere7
  • p_whyamihere8
  • p_whyamihere9
  • p_whyamihere10
  • p_whyamihere11
  • p_whyamihere12
  • p_whyamihere13
  • p_whyamihere14
  • p_whyamihere15

created using yosimsima's car seat with closed belt. the link can be found in the download

for the baby to fit in the carrier, the 0.75 OMSP resizer needs to be used. the link can also be found in the download.

           TOU: just enjoy them, but please don’t reupload or claim they’re yours.

  • C R E D I T
  • yosimsima for the carseat
  • buhudain for the omsp resizer
  • mincart on TSR for the clothes
  • simsxolove for the hair conversion
  • wundersims for the contacts
  • other credit where due