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~700 Followers Gift Part 1 - Sleepy Child~

Download Here

Alright, as I said I was going to this is the first of a few uploads of poses I’ve made over the past few months for my legacy! This was the one that took the longest to make, as I had to edit the accessory to suit what I needed it for, so these are going up first!

These are non-poselist compatible! As usual, sorry! I know some people find it easier to use the poselist, and I would offer it, but in my game the poselist doesn’t work and I will not release something I cannot test works. You’re free to make them compatible yourselves if possible.

Included in the .zip:

  • A .txt file of all the codes
  • 7 .png files of the poses and their corresponding codes (all pictures which are above)
  • 1 .package file including all the poses (non-poselist compatible)
  • 3  .package Accessories, custom for each pose with a basic custom thumbnail - an edited accessory by severinka (?) I think. All that’s changed is the position in relation to the hand. They are numbered.

Pose Codes:

  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_1
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_2
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_3
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_4
  • c_simpurity_sleepychild_5

Model : Marley Fletcher, mine

Crazymary36jonyhi Twin gifts part 1



When i found out angle had two twin girls i decide to make her little so here i present yall some cute onises part 1

all rights go out to i just put wording on them its his mesh

Plz reblog and enjot!


Congrats Angel 


Toddler Tantrum Pose Pack, 6 poses.

Took me forever to get past the wonky pinkies. Their hands aren’t as natural looking as I want, but for some reason their pinkies were messed up in game and not in blender. This was the best I could do to fix that.

They should be pose list enabled.


I don’t know if anyone will use them, but here they are!

If there are any issues, let me know.


Why Am I Here?

a set of 15 carseat poses for your newborns. posepack enabled. code numbers correspond with preview numbers.

  • p_whyamihere1
  • p_whyamihere2
  • p_whyamihere3
  • p_whyamihere4
  • p_whyamihere5
  • p_whyamihere6
  • p_whyamihere7
  • p_whyamihere8
  • p_whyamihere9
  • p_whyamihere10
  • p_whyamihere11
  • p_whyamihere12
  • p_whyamihere13
  • p_whyamihere14
  • p_whyamihere15

created using yosimsima's car seat with closed belt. the link can be found in the download

for the baby to fit in the carrier, the 0.75 OMSP resizer needs to be used. the link can also be found in the download.

           TOU: just enjoy them, but please don’t reupload or claim they’re yours.

  • C R E D I T
  • yosimsima for the carseat
  • buhudain for the omsp resizer
  • mincart on TSR for the clothes
  • simsxolove for the hair conversion
  • wundersims for the contacts
  • other credit where due



A set of 8 brows I made for toddler-child because I could only find like… One other person making children brows. >_> So… Yeah. Btw, for anyone asking, these are the brows I used on Luc. They’re all hand drawn.



My Infant (requested by ninabonita4)

these are the only infant poses i will be making for the foreseeable future.

posepack enabled. parent and baby snap together so OMSP is not required. codes on the image above but it’s b_myinfant6 not 5, my bad.

also it is named with [pbp] but it is my understanding that the brackets can cause your game to lag so feel free to rename

TOU - don’t reupload or claim they’re yours

  • C R E D I T
  • quizicalgin for the outfit
  • quianna for the headband
  • other credit where due



My New Baby

a set of 12 poses for your newborn. poselist enabled. code numbers correspond with the preview numbers

  • a_mynewbaby1
  • p_mynewbaby2
  • p_mynewbaby3
  • p_mynewbaby4
  • p_mynewbaby5
  • a_mynewbaby6
  • p_mynewbaby7
  • a_mynewbaby8
  • p_mynewbaby9
  • p_mynewbaby10
  • a_mynewbaby11
  • p_mynewbaby12

for the baby to fit in the the parents arms, the 0.75 OMSP resizer needs to be used. the link can be found in the download.

the singleton newborn poses can be used with normal size toddlers and they are at floor level.

   TOU: just enjoy them but please don’t reupload or claim they’re yours

  • C R E D I T
  • lunarsteal for the u-shaped pillow in pose 4 (link in download)
  • buhudain for the omsp rezier
  • credit where due for the clothes/hair/skin/eyes/accessories/patterns



Hello =3 I got some old poses for you guys XD I present to you

Angel and Bob’s Wedding Poses

This posepack only has the poses Angel and Bob are using, and the the two toddler last ones XD BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE THE FALLING POSES (On the first 3 pics).

This old and something someone asked me a long time ago and I ended up forgetting XD  BUT it is here now =3.

NOTE: This poses were made for couples with an height difference. If your couple isn’t that way I recommend OMSP or Poseplayer add-on

In the Zip: Two package folders, No poselist and Poselist, merged, codes with images and codes without the imges.

Download: Media | Mega | Dropbox

Hope you like them =3 Kisses and cookies Mary <’3!!



Here’s the weeks poses everyone’s been waiting for!
I even threw in a story pose!
There are 17 poses, which are pictured above.
Click on them to see them a bit better.
They are split into two pose packs, but both are in the one zip.
I have pose list enabled them, but I’ll provide the codes as well.
As always, all the info you need & more is in the download.
Codes are in the read me doc; please let me know if there’s anything wrong!


Read more obviously
Read More


Read more obviously

Read More


The Working Sim’s Props

A full set of Simlish items to compliment the working Sim’s decor.

1. Simlish Version of Aikea Guinea’s Chain Smoker Set

Theoriginal set is here. I edited the image files from the Master File Cigarette Box. The other variations are a slave to the Master File and pull the images from it. You can only have ONE Master File version, but go and download the other files for extra variations to have all Simlish boxes. Credit to Aikea Guinea for meshes.

2. Simlish Version of OBP’s Condom & Lubricants

The condom boxes and lubricants I mainly changed the wording to Simlish. It’s not perfect, but works for what I needed. For the condoms I did create a new texture, Multiplier and mask and is castable. They are all found in Misc. Decor. The original set it here and mesh credit to One Billion Pixels.

3. Simoleon Version of Noir and Dark Sims Pile of Money

3 different Simoleon versions found in Decor under Plants. The original is found here and thanks to Noir and Dark Sims for permission to use their meshes.

4. Poker Chips and Cards

These are meshes pulled from the store roulette and blackjack tables. The Poker Chips have 6 color versions and the cards have 4 versions. They are not castable and can be found in Misc. Decor. Credit to EA for the meshes.

Link - OneDrive

Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly.

*I follow the tag mspoodle & mspoodle1 and would love to know what you do with these in your game. If you have any problems let me know.


This is my first couple pose pack!

although it’s not so good….

but I hope you’ll like it~~ ^^

more details in my pixnet




This time I have for you all an infant car seat pose pack! 

-Four versions of the infant carseat
-Six car seat poses (poselist & non-poselist)
-Accessory baby bottle for toddlers (left hand only)

-To pose the toddler correctly you will need OMSP and OMSP Resizer 
-The poses require the 75% OMSP Resizer.
-For your convenience there are four versions of the car seat; open belt with toy animals, open belt with no toy animals, closed belt with toy animals, closed belt with no toy animals.
-The car seats with no toy animals cost $125 and the two with the toy animals cost $140.
-All the car seats are deco items and are found in the Kids Room category under 
miscellaneous kids decor. 

(sims3pack & package)

ALL Credit goes to TheRaven for the awesome seatbelts!


Gift pack (3/3) 

For the last gift I bring you a edit of shmoopiesims​ baby carrier + poses

Okay now the poses are not 100% perfect, I would love if someone made more  ur really going to need omsp to move the toddler into place . I also placed the toddler on a 75%omsp resizer found here 

 the carriers look really weird in CAS: 

but in game they look fine 

poses are not pose list compatible , sorry 

I guess thats about it , please let me know if there are any issues 

All credit goes to shmoopiesims for the wonderful mesh 

Download ~